My oven door won't close. It is cold right now where I live and the door needed a little force to open it. The key goes into the lock perfectly but doesn't turn and there is the slightest movement of maybe 1-2cm when I try to move the door. Once the gate is open, replace the actuator and you should be good to go. If you have a door latch stuck open or a door latch stuck closed, you can now identify the problem and take the proper steps to get them back into working order. When this plunger is retracted (which happens when the door is closed), the spring loaded mechanism on the latch is disabled. Depending on what kind of latch it is you might be able to do it without the key as well. Now that it's open, the lock latch is stuck in the lock position and the door just bounces and wont close. I demonstrate a couple of ways to get that door open. It's -5C in the mornings where I live, and sometimes once I open the driver's door it won't close again until the car is sufficiently heated. Wait a few minutes and then remove any grunge or grime from the latch with a … Could it be that the latch is just froze up? The lube may be enough to free up the latch pawl inside the door and allow it to latch. I was wondering how much it should cost to change the lock actuator so I do not get taken advantage of? If you have any other lock or safe issues, we would love to help you. Thank you for your question on the door hook stuck in the open position not allowing the oven door to close. This morning my son opened up the car door, and it will not latch shut. Usually after letting the engine run for a while, it closes. The electric when off in house , when came back on oven door would not open , Wife jerked it now cleaning latch stuck in open position oven will not … I just bought a new house and although my girlfriend managed to open the sliding door that leads to the yard, after that first time it is now stuck. It's not easy to manually unlock the door. I traced the cable to the door latch and the metal part the other end of the cable hooks onto is stuck in the open position. You can see where the cylinder entered the dead latch mechanism and pulled the latch back. latch … My oven is un-usable. It moves, but it just won't latch shut. The idea here is to remove your door’s handle and trying to pull the latch back from within the latch mechanism, to get the door open. Grit and dirt get in there and block it from latching. First thing to try would be to spray some WD40, PBlaster or similar into the area on the latch where the cam that rotates over the striker is located. It's probably just frozen, which incidentally and infuriatingly, Google's voice to text thinks needs to be capitalized. Now that it's open, the lock latch is stuck in the lock position and the door just bounces and wont close. Will not remain shut. As well as a loose door … Yes, it will require the inside door panel to be opened in some way to fix any car door lock stuck in the lock position. You will need to acquire the proper type of binding glue based on what materials are being glued together - metal and plastic will require different solitary glue, while a … Open Question. Now my door wont shut and I cant go anywhere. I believe it's a Kwikset Titan lock. In order to fix a stuck door knob lock that is not a problem of the latch catching you will need to remove the door knob. Latch issues. Locate and remove set screws for the door panel. Usually we can get the door lock to go back to its home position by doing a series of steps. If the outer lever is NOT in the position shown in the photo below, the latch will not unlock. If this post is about bodywork, accident damage, paint, dent/ding, questions it belongs in r/AutoBody or r/Diyautobody If you have tire questions, check out r/howsmytire and ask there.