When lock is reset to factory defaults all user codes (including the Master PIN code*) are deleted and all programming features are reset to original default settings (see Factory Settings). Yale door locks leave the factory with a default master PIN code, which you must change before you begin entering user codes. Exclude the lock (what you have now isn't going to work anyway) Removed the batteries; Removed the Z-Wave module; Replace the batteries (leave the module out for now) Factory reset the lock. The trick for this lock: Put your ST hub in Z-Wave ‘exclude’ mode, then run the ‘exclude’ on the lock. Was this content helpful? After resetting the lock, you must create a Master Passcode on the lock before you set it up with the Nest app. If your master code hasn't been set, it will be automatically programmed to 123456. 1) Guess the combinations, its yours and as long as its not hooked up to an alarm of some type, you should be able to try all the permutations, If the lock has 3 numbers, 0-9, you start with 000, go to 001, 002,003, etc. Unique reset functions. Yale Code handle is an innovative solution with an automatic locking mechanism built into the handle, which only allows the door to be opened when entering the correct personal code. When you factory reset your Yale Z-Wave Lock, the Master PIN Code will be reset, and all Z-Wave settings will be lost. Enter 4-8 digit Master Entry Code Press Press Press any key to wake lock 14 Specifications: Locking mechanism is operated with 4 buttons; Unique reset functions; Master code and user codes can be reset as and when required Press the gear/pound key to continue.” Enter digit corresponding to the function to be performed followed by the key. Remove the battery cover. Once completed please follow the instructions to set a new pin code.Â, Locate the black battery cover at the top of the inside door handle. Once in the lock’s menu, select ‘change master code’. Enter 1 then # 3. Write down the number in the middle. So in conclusion, I believe I just need to either RESET differently/correctly so that I can create a new Master Code from scratch or have you confirm that after a physical/hard RESET either 1561 or 12345678 codes will now be the default. Enter master pin then press # 2. Programming and use of lock is not possible until this step has been successfully completed. When you’ve lost your phone, or moved into a home with an existing Yale Smart Lock on the door. A security best practice is to set your master code with 6 or more digits and create a separate code that is used daily to lock and unlock the door. Please follow the steps shown below, once the primary code has been reset back to factory settings it will be automatically set to 123456, and all codes, Cards/Tags and Fobs will be deleted. Continue to press the R button whilst inserting the battery back in. Press both the I and P buttons at the same time and then place the batteries back in. Wait for 10 seconds and a two-tone sound will be heard.The master code is now set to 123456, and all codes, Cards/Tags and Fobs are deleted. The manufacturer will be able to reset the combination of your lock. Once completed please follow the instructions to set a new pin code. The lock will catch several times, allowing for slight movement back and forth between two numbers. Wake up the keypad by touching it using the palm of your hand Step 2 Enter your current master code and then press the hash button. "Master code is set." When enabled, it restricts all user (except Master) PIN code access. Once the Yale Assure lock has been physically installed, the fun begins. The same passcode is used on the Nest × Yale Lock’s keypad to lock or unlock the door. 2. (master code - #, 7 #, 3 #). Master code and user codes can be reset as and when required. You must do both at the same time. Place your hand onto the front of the lock or press one of the face buttons to wake the lock-up, then you should hear, “Register master code. Screws to Remove Yale’s Cover Plate Having a Yale smart lock on your home can offer a lot of benefits for ease (or denial) of access, but sometimes situations arise where you need to reset the lock. Tel: +65 6848 4933: Fax: +65 6848 4266: Email: sales@polyware.com.sg : 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Northstar @ AMK #01-50 Singapore 569880 Keep the button held down as you reapply the batteries to factory reset. Enter a new master PIN code. However, I’m not prompted by the lock to create a new Master Code and neither default code of 1561 (you) or 12345678 (Yale) work. 3. Remove battery cover. 1. Learn to reset your Yale Z-Wave Lock to … A few things will happen if you perform a factory default on a Yale Z-Wave Lock. Hold … Set your master code. A). Upon reset, master/installer code creation is the only option PIN available and must be performed prior to any other programming of the lock.