Office Rig/ Digital: SMSL DP3 music player>Benchmark DAC1>iFi iCan Pro Home: Music Hall Mavrick SACD player, Music Hall M5.1 TT, Byte3>Benchmark DAC1 USB>SinglePower PPX3 SLAM (me likes NOS tubes) Headphones: Audeze LCD-2,Audeze LCD2 Closed, Massdrop Focal Elex, Mr Speakers Aeon Flow … Focal's spirit : Listen Beyond 'Made in France' know-how Focal's story Vervent Audio Group. pluto … Press room Moving the bar up a tiny bit, I would clearly vote for the Focal Clears. I found during the last three weeks this was given the least head time among my collection now (Ether 2, HD800, HD600, Elex -- from the most to the least time), 2. Putting Elex pads on Elear accomplishes the same thing. Stax SRS-2170: $350 shipped -- sold to, Includes SR-207 (headphones) and SRM-252S (head amp), Headphones have been kept under a protection vinyl case (to prevent dust), Comes with the original (Japanese) adapter as well as US wall adapter. ... not the Stax 007 or Noble K10c. The HiFiMan Ananda are better critical listening headphones than the Focal Elear. Up for sale this time are Focal/MD Elex and Stax basic system (SR-207+SRM-252S) All original owner No smokes Comes with original components Paypal only All prices are shipped. Holy pad rolls! Exploring the differences between two awesome headphones! Sennheiser HD800 vs Focal Elex Comparison - Duration: 21:02. chuckolatte 903 views. That's a no-brainer! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Any info or opinions are welcome. I’ve got to think that one can now find a little cheaper. I wouldn’t say this is a straight progression from the HD6xx. 🎧Focal Clear+[MassdropCHT/Modi] // 🎧Fearless S8F+[Oppo HA-2]. Close. 1. hide. I haven’t heard that particular Stax system, so a comparison would be unfair, but I found the ESP/95X a very intriguing value proposition. This has the effect of making the mids more even. HD 660s for both Or Focal Elex. Focal Elears are a weird headphone for me. And the Electrostat hype train continues! No … Paypal fees on buyers (accept paypal gift) Free shipping to US via Fedex. I'd like to consolidate and upgrade. So, thoughts on getting a HD6xx plus AD700x for music and gaming respectively. Music by: Little Dragon, 'Fortune'.Audio 46 website: HD800s … ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Focal Elex (lilac) vs SendyAudio Aiva (orange) Eddie Current BW2 > HD800, LCDi4, Bifrost2 > Mackie Passive > Tannoy Gold 7, A healthy approach to understanding measurements, After being asked for the 308th time, Merv lists top 5 headphones, $1000 to the first to design a headamp using discrete components with better measurements than Magni 3+, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. pluto. It's the highs and how they throw detail in … frequency response graphs, CSD waterfall plots, subjective gear reviews. Best regards, Marine, Community Manager Focal The biggest step up is build quality: HiFiMan cut every corner except the drivers while Focal spared no expense on the frame, hardware, and pads. Scopri quale è il migliore e la loro prestazione generale nella classifica cuffie. 18:34. Currently for friends … Discussion in 'Closed (Archived) Sales' started by Vtory, Jan 25, 2019. 19. How it compares to the Clear: - 92.7% of the Clear's sound for half the price. Settled on Focal Clear, or Elex. I'm thinking these would be my endgame? share. Cans: Abyss AB-1266 PHI TC - Stax 009 - Focal Utopia - HiFiman Jade II / HE1000v2 / HE6 / HE500 - Denon AH-D7200 . Rig #2 vs Rig #1, Left Only> ESLab ES-1 α (black) vs Beyerdynamic DT1990 w/ Analytical Pads (teal)